You’ve gotta love some quotes

Every once in a while, you come across a quote that is so absolutely stunning, you simply cannot believe that the person who wrote it was crazy enough to even put it in writing. This is just such a case.

From: Bill Gates
Sent: Saturday, December 5 1998
To: Bob Muglia, Jon DeVann, Steven Sinofsky
Subject : Office rendering

One thing we have got to change in our
strategy - allowing Office documents to
be rendered very well by other peoples
browsers is one of the most destructive
things we could do to the company.

We have to stop putting any effort into
this and make sure that Office documents
very well depends on PROPRIETARY IE
Anything else is suicide for our
platform. This is a case where Office
has to avoid doing something to destroy

I would be glad to explain at a greater
Likewise this love of DAV in Office /
Exchange is a huge problem. I would also
like to make sure people understand this
as well.

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