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I’ve just finished the first Alpha version of T8Launcher for Tapwave Zodiac. This is a pretty minimalistic launcher that uses a T9-like system to let you launch your apps. It’s only an alpha, but from my experience it seems almost 100% stable (in fact, the latest Alpha didn’t crash on me once). There are a few remaining issues that you’ll find listed in the FAQ below, but nothing serious. Still, I’m not responsible for any unintended behavior or any crashes.



  • How to install T8Launcher? Just Hotsync the PRC file contained in the ZIP file… that’s all
  • How to exit T8Launcher? Enter “Home” to get back to the original Zodiac Launcher
  • How to disable T8Launcher? Unfortunately, that’s not possible (yet). If you want to disable it, you have to uninstall it.
  • How to uninstall T8Launcher? Just use a third-party utility like Filez to delete the T8Launcher database.
  • I see some strange programs like “MMConduit” amd “Error Reporter” in T8Launcher. What are these? These are hidden system utilities. So far T8Launcher ignores the “Hidden” file attribute of PalmOS. Just ignore these.
  • A few programs with very long names leave display artefacts on the “ABC1” button. How can I get rid of these? You can’t, this is a known issue… just ignore it for now.
  • The program list looks pretty unsorted. Am I missing something? The only sorting priority right now is the position of the code match, so for example for “ABC1”, “MN50” Another World comes before Manticore. However, there is no alphabeitcal order.
  • Even after entering the full name of the app another app gets listed first, for example Address XT after entering Address. Just use the “Down-Arrow” button to cycle all results. You’ll get there eventually.
  • Is T8Launcher much slower than the original Zodiac Launcher? Actually, it’s a hell of a lot faster, thanks to the native ARM code and simple structure.
  • How can I launch an application from card? Unless you use a tool like PowerRun, you’ll have to exit T8Launcher and use the standard launcher instead.
  • How can I find out which code I have entered? You can’t. But you can use the “Left-Arrow” button to fix spelling mistakes.
  • How do I enter unlisted characters like space or asterisk? Don’t. T8Launcher ignores anything but a-z, A-Z and 0-9. For example “my App**” would simply become “myapp”.
  • Can I create my own skin for T8Launcher? Well, yes and no. There are no special tools, but you can simply use a normal PRC editor to modify the resources.
  • Why is its name T8Launcher? On normal T9 cellphones, you actually need 10 keys (0-9) to enter a meaningful message. T8Launcher needs 9 buttons for input, so the logical name is T8.
  • How will development continue? I don’t know. I might create a more polished version and try to sell it for $1 but that’s just an idea… Anyway, this Alpha version will always remain free.
  • Why are a few buttons not centered vertically? I made a mistake when creating the images and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.
  • Which tools were used for this? PRC-Tools, PEAL and PARM

Feel free to use the comment section for suggestions and/or bug reports.

3 thoughts on “T8Launcher for Tapwave Zodiac”

  1. Thanks for making this! A great idea and a great start. Unfortunately, I get a reset on my Zodiac2 with the following test case:

    1. Run T8launcher.
    2. Turn off the Zodiac (with the T8 launcher displayed).
    3. Turn on the Zodiac.
    –> Get a reset.


  2. Hmm…. it doesn’t happen here…. and it shouldn’t happen anywhere since I’m not doing anything on wakeup….

    Could you test if it happens after a Warm reset (Function+Reset) as well?

    Maybe if we get a second report we can trace this back.

    Or if you want, just send me a mail and I’ll send you a debug build.

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