T8Launcher 0.4 with new layout engine and button input

This release features en entirely new layout engine, which will soon allow T8launcher to work on any ARM PalmOS device, even on CliĆ©s with their hybrid Sony Hires/Garnet Hires API. However for now it still only works on the Zodiac as I have yet to modify the screen setup to handle different screens correctly. Also, the portrait skin is still incomplete and the square aspect ratio skin doesn’t even exist.

The most notable improvement in this release is the ability to enter text with the buttons and joystick:

To enter text with the joystick, just press it, move it to the desired position (let’s say top-left for “abc” or center for “mn”) and release it again. While you’re pressing the joystick, the letters that you would enter if you released the joystick will light up.

Another way are the 4 colored buttons on the Zodiac. Just press the button(s) that point in the correct direction. For example Blue and Red (at the same time) for “abc”, Red for “def” and so on. To enter “no” you have to press (at least) two opposite buttons, for example blue and green. Pressing three or four buttons at once has the same affect.

The other functions are also available: Press “Home” for Backspace, “Func” to cycle the list and one of the triggers to launch the selected application.

While the joystick feels more natural for inputting text, the buttons are actually a lot more precise, so I’d recommend using this method for text input.

  • New layout engine with skining
  • Added wrappers for various HiRes APIs (not used yet)
  • Added partially complete 320×480 skin
  • Added button input

You can download it here:


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