Sudoku! (Update: Now with 1000 puzzles)

OK, so yesterday evening I started working on a new Javascript minigame: Sudoku.

I know what you’re going to say: there already are way too many Sudoku games around. And you’re absolutely right.

Problem is, there are very few good games around, and even less that run in your browser and almost none that require no plugins.

There’s already a first Alpha version available here (but with just a single puzzle):

The feature list is already longer than for most other Sudoku games:

  1. Use the buttons at the bottom to add notes to the selected field.
  2. Use the buttons at the right to confirm a number.
  3. Use the “?” to get all notes automatically.
  4. You can’t confirm numbers that collie with other numbers in the field, however you can enter numbers that are simply wrong.

So what’s still missing (aside from a new UI):

  • Automatic Solver
  • Generator
  • Tabs for different versions of the same puzzle
  • True handwritten notes
  • Menu to enable/disable solvers.

Did I forget anything? Tell me!


Now there are 1000 new puzzles available. While there is still no generator in this, I have instead opted to instead create a converter for the files generated by QQwing, A free Sudoku generator published as OpenSource. Now, on launch the game will select a random number between 0 and 1000 and load the level with that number. However there are no difficulty levels yet: While QQwing supports this, it is not being used yet. All levels are difficulty “Expert”.

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