Font work: schmucker-sans-nothrills-rev0

Click to get to the SVG.

When font-face made it’s appearance in all major browsers I was really, really excited. Until I learned that I wouldn’t be able to use any commercial fonts and even most free fonts. So I’ve started working on my own. It’s terribly basic and isn’t even complete yet, but I thought that maybe some people could even have use for an incomplete font. It is currently available as an SVG containing the letters A-Z, a-z and the numbers 0-9.

schmucker-sans-nothrills-rev0 is built from first principles: Lay out a grid for your letters, create one arc for the round parts and try to assemble all letters from these parts. It’s not exciting, but it should be easily readable so you can also use it for longer text paragraphs, not just headlines.

The most interesting thing is probably the license, which allows for pretty much anything. I’m putting this into the public domain.

So, create fonts or use it in your logos or basically do whatever you like. Would be nice if you sent me a mail though.

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