Firefox loading times: beware of FlashGot

A while ago, I was discussing the startup time of Firefox with a few friends and it became apparent that we got very different results: For me, a Firefox cold start took between 0.3 and 0.7 seconds, compared to about 4 seconds for everybody else. All of us had a bunch of Addons installed (12 in my case), so it wasn’t exactly the amount of Addons that was causing it.

After some experimenting we found that in every single case the launch time got down to below one second if FlashGot (which I had deactivated for some reason that I can’t even remember) was disabled.

That doesn’t make FlashGot a bad addon, but you should be aware that startup time increases dramatically.

2 thoughts on “Firefox loading times: beware of FlashGot”

  1. Don’t remember which version I used back then, but I rechecked again with before posting the article and the result was still the same. Maybe half a second less, but still roughly in line with my previous findings.

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