Texturing with Transform, without WebGL or Canvas

Update: I’ve checked it in Firefox 3.6.6 and to my surprise it works perfectly.


With the maturing of Direct2D support in Firefox I feel that it’s time to revisit transformations. Transformations let you rotate, skew and so on arbitrary elements on a page. They are relatively slow to do in software but really fast in hardware.

After a long discussion that I had recently, I should point out that this is a DEMO, meaning that it’s supposed to show what you CAN do with HTML+Transformations, rather than what you SHOULD do. A demo is not useful on it’s own, it’s just meant to illustrate a concept.

In this case, it shows a very simple approach to doing free-form deformation of bitmaps. I tried it in pure HTML+JS+CSS here, but the concept and quickly and easily be applied to other drawing systems like Canvas2D, where it could be used to provide a fallback for WebGL.

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